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Model Description: IPHONE XR WHITE 64GB-LAE
Model: iPhone Xr White 64GB A-2105 Global
MEID Number: 35735009594505
IMEI Number: 357350095945059
IMEI2 Number: 357350095821524
Serial Number: DNPXFWGCKXK2
Manufacture Date: 19 Sep 2018
Unit Age: 1 year, 10 months and 15 days
Assembled In: Foxconn Chengdu, China
Activation Status: Activated
Warranty Status: Out Of Warranty
Estimated Purchase Date: 2 Feb 2019
Telephone Technical Support: Expired
Repairs and Service Coverage: Expired
AppleCare Eligible: No
Valid Purchase Date: Yes
Registered Device: Yes
Active Apple Repair: No
Replaced by Apple: No
Replacement Device: No
Refurbished: No
Demo Unit: No
Obsolete Device: No
Loaner Device: No
Find My iPhone: ON
iCloud Status: Lost Mode
Blacklist Status: Clean
Blacklist Records: 0
Next Activation Policy ID: 2246
Locked Carrier: Mexico Nextel Locked Policy
Country: Mexico
SIM-Lock Status: Locked


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